Problem: With such a large employee base covering many different roles, surfacing relevant information to everyone is impossible. Too much information on screen and not enough dynamic content means the intranet site is very cluttered and stagnant.
Research: Different personas were created and compared with analytics to determine what information and services each group needs. Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders and experimental designs were tested with these groups to determine the best option going forward.
Solution: Because the school board’s current technology precluded them from implementing role-based intranet homepages upon sign-in, I had to come up with a secondary solution. A simplistic design style reduced the clutter and established a very obvious hierarchy of information—one large graphical promotion, secondary graphical quick links, then a text-based flow of news information. The news feed is treated like new email messages with the new unread messages being hi-lighted. This organizational strategy helps the boards employees quickly scan the latest content for relevance which saves them time and alleviates frustration. This approach is carried throughout the site. Every employee has the option of having a mobile device, so a mobile friendly version of the intranet site is also being developed.
The branding is based on the idea that the employees share a commonality, everyone is within the circle of the school board, and the intranet is where they can all converge.
Below is the redesign.
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